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Who We Are

We are a small business located in Chilliwack, BC that is ready and excited to cater for your next event. Whether it be a date night, party or corporate meeting, we have your platters covered! We strive to source local quality products and are passionate about creating art through food as well as making your planning easier!

Our Story

We (Katie and Chloe) have worked together in the food service industry for the last several years which has often included making charcuterie boards as well as many other different and diverse types of catering trays. We discovered it was something we both enjoyed, as it was a way to express art in a fun and edible way, and that it was something we liked to do in our free time. Later on, as our friendship grew while building charcuterie art together, we decided to start a company which grew into what Blossom Boards is today. Together we started Blossom Boards with a vision of a locally sourced and handcrafted business designed to meet everyone's specific needs. We value personalized customer experiences and hope we can take part in your upcoming events!



We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities!

 Let's connect.

Please note that phone services will be down from June 12-19 and June 24-July 1st. For order inquiries please email:
Thank you for understanding! 

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